Dubya the Dread

What happened to you, Christopher? You used to be cool.
Why I’m (Slightly) for Bush, by Christopher Hitchens, The Nation, Oct. 21, 2004.
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[via Jimmy “Dyno-mite! Wolcott]

One reply on “Dubya the Dread”

Hitchens is a formerly-amusing, now-twisted drunkard. He has spent so much of his life adopting contrary stances, he no longer even knows which position is contrary.
Like the president he now barely supports, he formulates a thesis and sticks to it come hell or high water. He’d rather be wrong than show weakness.
I assume his watery Bush endorsement will at some point allow him to find a most-clever way to recant when he assuredly makes another of his erratic left (or right) turns.

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