Attack of the Weasel Vaccines

Courtesy, Asthmatic Weasels Blog.
From the BBC:

Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said on Tuesday that vaccine manufacturer Aventis Pasteur would be able to produce an extra 2.6 million doses.

What Secretary Thompson neglected to mention was that the so-called Aventis is the result of a merger between a French (Rhône-Poulenc) and a German (Hoechst) company. Does the Bush Administration not realize that this company practically personifies the Axis of Weasel? Is it not possible that these vaccines could secretly contain defeatist chemicals intended to weaken our country’s resolve? Should they not, at least, label these vaccines such that patriotic Americans can be aware of the origins of the vaccines being injected into their (equally patriotic) children?

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Perhaps the Red Sox also somehow added “defeatist chemicals” into the Yankees’ usual injections…

i wonder if the recipients of this ‘vaccine’ will be overcome with the powerful urge to surrender to themselves.

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