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She’s Spunky! Well, Actually, She’s Probably Not

From the idiots what brung you Rove & Rover
EARLIER, indelicately: John Kerry, Debate 2004: Gay, gay, gay, gay, gaygaygaygay
EARLIER, sanctimoniously: “Mention of Gay Daughter a Cheap Trick, Lynne Cheney Says”, Washington Post

6 replies on “She’s Spunky! Well, Actually, She’s Probably Not”

This seems a bit much. And I can’t figure out exactly where your outrage is directed — at Kerry (and Edwards) for cynically exploiting homophobia or at Bush and Cheney for cynically exploiting homophobia? Doesn’t this posting itself cynically exploit homophobia, at least just a bit?
This is a little funnier, without being so yucky…

Is that even Mary Cheney anyway? What happened to her mullet? You know, that “all business in the front, all party in the back” hairdo she used to sport?
/asking seriously

I must have been the only one who saw the original “She like to Eat Pussy” line. Now THAT was funny, but I can see that it musthave been too much if “munch box” comment drew a little ire. I’m still laughing my ass off, but not as hard. lmao

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