Why… Is Michelle Malkin the New Jadakiss?

Malkin and Kiss… Why?
The many questions of Michelle Malkin:
How… many hate crime anecdotes does it take before the mainstream media spot a trend?
But what… happens when the targets are the wrong kind of victim?
What… happens when conservatives and Republicans are on the receiving end of discriminatory threats or harassment or worse?
Hello…, reporters?
Is… anybody home?
Is… it my imagination or do I hear pins dropping in the grievance corners of America’s otherwise victim-friendly newsrooms?
Can… I get a hair appointment and pedicure before appearing on Scarborough Country on Friday?
Will… The pedicurist be an immigrant?
Should… I cancel it if she is?
Why… is my Amazon rank so low?

2 replies on “Why… Is Michelle Malkin the New Jadakiss?”

“Why did Kobe have to hit that raw
Why he kiss that whore”
Supporting racial profiling and internment on one hand and calling a possible rape victim a whore on the other.
What a classy duo.

National Review had a very similar article recently. People having their Bush/Cheney signs ripped up, and other signs of anarchism, and WHY AREN’T WE READING ABOUT THIS????
(Waiting for stories about homosexual gangs beating straight men to death.)

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