I’m very forgetful…when did you say the last debate took place?

From the transcript of last night’s sole vice-presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio:

“What the vice president has just said is just a complete distortion. The American people saw John Kerry on Thursday night. They don’t need the vice president or the president to tell them what they saw.”
“The AIDS epidemic in Africa, which is killing millions and millions of people and is a frightening thing not just for the people of Africa but also for the rest of the world, that, combined with the genocide that we’re now seeing in Sudan, are two huge moral issues for the United States of America, which John Kerry spoke about eloquently last Thursday night.”
I agree with John Kerry from Thursday night, that the danger of nuclear weapons getting in the hands of terrorists is one of the greatest threats that America faces.”
“And the American people saw for themselves on Thursday night the strength, resolve, and backbone that I, myself, have seen in John Kerry.”
John Kerry made clear on Thursday night that — I’m sorry, I broke the rules. We made clear — we made clear on Thursday night that we will do that, and we will do it aggressively.”

Wait, I get it. John Kerry won that debate quite decisively, and you’re reminding the public of that fact. Nicely done, and none-too-subtle!