An old Rove mind trick

Karl Rove meets the press.
From the New York Times:

But in a sign that the Bush campaign suddenly found itself on the defensive, the president’s chief political adviser, Karl Rove, who is normally elusive to the press, sought out reporters to push the campaign’s argument that Mr. Kerry was a walking contradiction on Thursday night and that Mr. Bush was focused and pensive during the encounter, not peevish.

Rove: You don’t need to see Bush’s qualifications.
Press Corps: We don’t need to see Bush’s qualifications.
Rove: Bush was focused and pensive.
Press Corps: Bush was focused and pensive.
Rove: Kerry is most likely a pedophile.
Press Corps: Kerry is most likely a pedophile.

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Excellent post, however I must lodge a complaint vis-a-vis a significant — albeit detail-oriented — error in the visual conceit. The lightsaber of a Sith Lord bears the distinctive signature color of red. Depicting Mr. Rove with the blue blade that represents a novice whose path in the Force has not yet been chosen is, at best, generous to the veteran political operative and erstwhile wunderkind.
May the force be with you.

Depends on if you’re basing it on movies or Expanded Universe Star Wars. Most Sith do prefer a red blade, but for the most part, blade color is largely personal choice, with there being yellow, purple, and orange as some of the other choices. One would assume, however, that as a rule of thumb most Sith would prefer a red lightsaber, as it is the more threatening color.
I’m far too much of a nerd.

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