Bill O’Reilly, the most-reviled media figure on the New York Subway System

A Fox News ad at Rockefeller Center, located roughly one block from the network’s studio and headquarters. Hume, Hannity, Van Susteren, and the other guys? Their visages were left unmarked. Maybe these acts of defacement just mean that O’Reilly is a bad boss?
No, scratch that. Witness poor Bill, seen here in detail from a number of ads from stations all over Manhattan. And yes, in case you’re wondering, those rectangular shapes used to be swastikas on the guy’s forehead.

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I saw one of these in Queens this weekend. O’Reilly’s face was only mildly scratched, but across Shepard Smith’s forehead was written “ALIEN BITCH.”

I’ve seen lots of Brooklyn defacing on all of those guys — common thought seems to be that they’re communists.

Did anyone else notice the extreme airbrushing on my man Bill’s picture? He is one step away from becoming a t-shirt purchased at the Jersey shore.

janelle and i have been talking about this very thing for at least a couple weeks! her favorite is a simple marker to the forehead that says: “liar.” speaks volumes, really. i have been amused by the moustaches (most being of the hitler variety) and the devil horns. “censorship” was good, but a bit heavy handed. my favorite: “fair and unbiased my ass,” somewhere on the G line in brooklyn.

Tiresome. Most Americans who are throwing around the word communist these days have no idea what one really is. The next time you witness someone – usually a ConservoRepub – labeling someone a Communist, ask them to give you the defintion of Communism. See how they do.

The best O’Reilly defacement: in the high st. brooklyn heights A/C station, “OBEY” scrawled across the man’s forehead. Sums it up nicely.

i feel sort of half-assed and ashamed about having missed all these outer-borough-based renditions of the o’reilly defacement.
oh well.
next time, i swear, i’ll visit brooklyn at the very least before formulating any theses or opinions. next time.

This is because Bill tells the truth; he does not whitewash it.
–Kelly, above
He demonstrates his special skills a few days later, when he kicks off The Factor with a tale of two U.S. soldiers who fled to Canada rather than serve in Iraq. … He brings on a guest to “discuss” the “issue”:Toronto Globe and Mail columnist Heather Mallick, who has dared to call the two deserters “fine American men.” …
After verbally abusing Mallick as “anti-American,” a “socialist” and someone who writes “stuff that’s not true,” O’Reilly takes the gloves off. “Now,” he says, “if your government harbors these two deserters . . . there will be a boycott of your country, which will hurt your country enormously. France is now feeling that sting.” …
“I don’t think that your French boycott has done too well — ”
At which point O’Reilly executes his signature move — the bellowing, bullying, peremptory interruption. “They’ve lost billions of dollars in France, according to the Paris Business Review!” he thunders.
In short, amazing TV — the modern media equivalent of witnessing a Christian torn apart by lions, with a touch of opera buffo thrown in. (Boycott Canada?) It mattered not that most of what O’Reilly said bears no relation to the truth. The Paris Business Review doesn’t exist, and the “billions” of dollars France supposedly lost reflect figures dating to the 2001 recession, predating by two years O’Reilly’s call for a ban on buying French goods (since then, French exports to America have actually gone up).
–John Colapinto in Rolling Stone

Looks like O’Reilly is doing a great job if the brain-dead liberals hate him so much! Way to go Bill! Keep up the great reporting!

Well, Bill, when you’re not only ‘fair and balanced’ but ‘trusted, independent, and POWERFUL’, people are bound to take notice.

Its not just Fox folks. Rupert Murdochs entire network of media across the globe is demonstrably pro-Bush giving lie to the ‘independance’ of its editors and producers like Roger (what) Ails (America). This has not only been proven in studies but is clear with just a cursory glance of who owns the media within the coalition of the willing. Does the O’Reilly fan club here seriousley believe the most succesful show on Murdochs leading esge asset has somehow existed with absolute independance? O’Reilly was a lifetime Republican (on the record) up until…surprise surpris, he landed this gig and then he tore up his card and became an ‘independant’. I’m an Australian stockbroker. I know what Murdoch is…A Social Engineer…and I know how his assets ‘behave’. Dont let your partison hearts rule your objective mind. Vote Smart. God Bless America

Two things I love about the liberal community:
1) Liberals fight back with creativity, while the best the opposite side can ever muster is name-calling, profanity and shouting. Essentially they rely on the verbal equivalent of fists, and it shows, especially in cases where force can’t resolve an issue.
2) Liberals actually have a community, unlike those who are ultimately only about themselves. Those angry isolates love to use the plural “we” when they write, but you know that it always goes back to a singular “me” somewhere, with some lonely lost person who is unable or unwilling to become a fully mature human.
So more power to the liberal side, and keep up the good work here!

Wish I could find that poster of the Common American Liberal with his/her tongue up Osama’s hairy ass…maybe it’s in WORLD BOOK?

Anything that requires reading a book to locate seems pretty safe from being discovered by a Bill O’Reilly fan.

I love how liberals can’t even survive a debate with O’Reilly, so they go and make themselves feel better by messing with a picture of him.

Rupert Murdoch rules… I make good use of Murdoch family assets all the time. I once worked at a real estate agency in Sydney and i scored the keys and security passwords to an awesome property they own on Sydney harbour. Being the degenerate I am, I kept a copy of the keys so now I make use of the harbour side mansion to impress. I also scored keys from the same mansion to their boat moored down at the Cruising Yacht Club. God bless the sun king and the joy he has brought to my dating.

You don’t need to be a brain-dead liberal to see that our darling Bill’s a gigantic asshole and laugh at poster defacement.
And yeah, his face is like.. not even his face anymore, it is pure airbrush with some eyes stuck on. It’s like they digitally pieced together baby butt to make it.

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