The Continued Importance of Adult Literacy


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It’s lamenting the fact that Donnie Darko, being a “challenging” movie (ie: thoughtful & intelligent), is only playing at two times; whereas crap like AvsP and Deckchair have a billion showtimes.

is this why comments will be excluded in all future blogs? the masses, they just don’t understand the delicate comic genius of high culture.

Oh, I get it! You can’t go from one movie to the next because of the crazy scheduling. Awesome stuff, Matt. More, please!

One other thought on the importance of adult literacy: The TV show “Joey” is totally similar to the author “Joyce.” What if someone meant to read Ulysses, but ended up watching Joey instead? Crazy! (Gee, this “blogging” thing is easier than it seems.)

No. It means that if you can’t read, or even just skim the paper for movie times, you may end up watching Danny Deckchair when you meant to be seeing Darko instead. Sheesh!

Well, I’ve not heard of this Danny Deckchair but I do know Donnie Darko is quite an old film now. Couldn’t that be the reason they’re showing it less? Here in the UK you won’t find one cinema with a film as old as that on, so think yourselves lucky, you big whingers.

Ah, so that’s what this is about: the difference between UK and US movie offerings. I was baffled for days. Matt, you’re providing some real international outreach here. And to think that I thought this was just a joke that had severely missed its mark…

come now everyone… perhaps it was posted to see how we’d react? I for one thought it was for the sole purpose of BOTH the idiocy of the repeated showings of a dork who attaches balloons to his chair to escape his life, and whose movie has a similar name to the ubercerbral Donnie Darko, which unfortunately doesn’t have as many showings, even though it IS the directors cut, will answer many questions, AND should blow every frekkin other movie out of the theater.

Actually, Donnie Darko is in theaters because it is the Director’s Cut. Recent release, too.

the blogger is lamenting the fact that a somewhat sophisticated film like donnie darko is playing 4 times, while mindless dreck like danny deckchair plays at a zillion screens. it’s been done a thousand times.
hey, just because i get it doesn’t mean i think it’s funny..

apologies from OZ for inflicting Danny Deckchair on humanity – nobody here saw it so I’m amazed it gets a showing in the real world

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