A brief reminder that yesterday’s terror warnings were not politically motivated

Each of the following four photographs was taken on Monday, August 2nd, 2004, after the Department of Homeland Security issued an urgent alert late this weekend that certain financial institutions may have been targeted by al Qaeda.
On an unrelated note (and when we say that, it of course always means we’re being predictably sarcastic), it turns out the documents which served as the source of these cautionary alerts date back four years or so.
From “Intel that sparked alert dates to 2000”, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 3rd, 2004:

At a news conference Monday, [Fran Townsend, the White House homeland security adviser] denied that political considerations affected the timing of the intelligence disclosures, which came the week after Democrats nominated John Kerry as their presidential candidate. “It had nothing to do with the Democratic National Convention,” she said.

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Those white people must have been really scared. Imagine seeing a black guy walking through the subway carrying a machine gun.

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