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Skeet, Skeet, Vote

When you’re MTV, and you’re inexplicably working with the GOP to galvanize the youth vote, and you’re all, “Let’s get some kids voting and shit,” and they’re all, “Bitches, let’s get a program going, and we’ll get busy on our website, the front page and shit,” and you say, “Fuck yeah, we’ve got this shit right here, check out this fine-ass agendum,” then you give ’em an essay contest for young people on “how President Bush’s call to service resonates in their lives”:
Choose or Lose 2004: “Stand Up and Holla!”
Not having taken part in this inspirational program, we can only take a gander at additional elements and events from the MTV/RNC “Choose or Lose” Program Guide:
“GOP 2004: Get All Up in this Peace”
“Gippa, Please”
“Off the Hizzy, GOPizzy”
“Rock the Hizzouse of Representatives”
“Kerry’s Bunk in the Crunk”
“Bust a Cap(ital Punishment)”
“Like Junk in the Trunk? Ni**as get Sunk”
“Niger, Please: I Wanna Sex You Up”
“Please, Hamid, Don’t Hurt ‘Em”
“Bush 41 got Sonned”
“The Roof, The Roof is on Fire! And the Fire Department’s Underfunded!”
“Don’t Believe tha Hype… Actually, Believe It. Please.”
“Compassionizzle Conservatizzle”
“If I Ruled The World, Actually, I do, so go Fuck Yourself”
“We Skeet on Welfare Bitches, too”
“No Homo”
“Stand Up and Hola! (We welcome Latinos, though)”
And, finally,
“Vote or Die”

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I just saw this a few minutes ago, and was waiting for Ja Rule to come strolling across my screen, rapping “Holla, holla!”

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