Blonde, and bigger than ever before

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WHAT hairy havoc have Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, et al wreaked upon the world of up-and-coming black and Latina starlets? WHEN did Christina Milian, brunette teen songstress and star of last year’s Love Don’t Cost a Thing, have her handlers reconstruct her image and give her a post-Beyonce blonde re-do? WHY did no one realize that “Dip it Low” is a strong enough pop single on its own merits that its vocalist did not need this egregious white-person-accessibility reinvention? WHEN did we forget about that scene at the beginning of Spike Lee’s Malcolm X where the young leader of the Black Power movement becomes embarrassed by his usage of hair-straightening products? WHY has Angela Davis never fronted a pop group?

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Thank you!
I’m so sick of seeing this happen, and no one addressing the issue. I don’t know what to say …I look at the cover of every single magazine, and all I see are white faces and blonde hair, and if they’re not white – well, we’ll make them that way!

They’ve become pop culture porn stars. It’s like how all of the sisters looks exactly alike. Britney and Jamie Lynn. Mary Kate and Ashley. The Hilton Sisters. Hilary and Haylie Duff. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. As all of the girls listed look like eachother! Blondes make more money.

FINALLY! First place I’ve actually read about someone noticing this weird phenomenon. Beyonce does not even look African-American anymore. J Lo and Christina Milian barely look like their roots either. How many nose jobs can these people get to Europeanize themselves? They should be proud of their culture and stop trying to run around pretending like blonde hair flows from their head! It’s insulting to the rest of us who are not white.

you little dumb perks, they do not want to look like blodes. it just look very exotic and abstract, blonde hair on black skin. why are you so angry about what other people do with their hair anyway?

Blondes are an extremely rare human-coloured minority group.
Bleached women are a very common product-coloured group.
Bleached Brunette women are still Brunettes. Bleached Black women are still Black.
Add the word bleach to their name. Don’t add the word bleach to the name Blonde. Take the name Blonde away from them and that will limit their power and control over the music/entertainment media.

I personally think that the blonde look is a little played out. I don’t see whats so damm hot about that hair color, I think red is a sexy color.

why is it that you people always associate blonde hair with white women. I hate to break it to you but there are tribes in Africa who have these very characteristics that you criticize in women of color. If you were to look at them you would see blonde hair and black/brown skin. In north africa you will also see many tribes with blonde hair like some of the tribes in Tunesia and Morocco. Also, some of the people in India like the descendants of the indian aboriginies and africans(Sudroid). Furthermore, it is not only in Africa, I have a handful of relatives who were born with blonde hair. Although it is true that these women all chemically altered the color of their hair for whatever reason, there is no reason you should jump on women of color as a whole. You need to open your minds.

beyonce is a stupid fat ugly wannnabe. she wants to be white so bad it concumes her pathetic life. and also why is she a spokesperson for loreal. we all know that strait hair isnt growing out of her ugly fat head. fuck her.

if i didnt make it clear enough before ihate beyonces fat ass. first of all the bitch cant sing. when she opens her big fat mouth it sounds like a dying cat. her weaves always look nappy. ill bet you shes a nasty stuck up lil bitch too. i hope she comes down with a severe case of dysentary in a public place

if i didnt make it clear enough before ihate beyonces fat ass. first of all the bitch cant sing. when she opens her big fat mouth it sounds like a dying cat. her weaves always look nappy. ill bet you shes a nasty stuck up lil bitch too. i hope she comes down with a severe case of dysentary in a public place

if i didnt make it clear enough before ihate beyonces fat ass. first of all the bitch cant sing. when she opens her big fat mouth it sounds like a dying cat. her weaves always look nappy. ill bet you shes a nasty stuck up lil bitch too. i hope she comes down with a severe case of dysentary in a public place

well i dont know what to say, those loreal ads of beyonce where she has like a moussy blonde head, look so horible and so wrong 4real, its like you can bearly reconize her, and as for those tommy hilfger ads. she needs to stop and count her money.
yeah she is gettin millions dollas, but is it worth losing the respect of a world wide black population?
cause when white people stop loving you, who she gonna come back too?
and as for Miss Milan she needs to realise her blond hair looks too dry, or is that just me. – truly have no time for her, waste of space if u ask me.
and ms lopez, well she aint the first latina and she wont be the last to try and get away from there african roots. puerto ricans are outrageous 4 this

I’m 16 and I have dark skin, I luv beyonce’s hair I’m getting my hair dyed like her’s…. I don’t really see the problem….Everyone does it these dayz, Times have changed

I think in these time s that black people are going through, we don’t stick together as one. Personally, I’m not wearing perms anymore because God didn’t make my hair straight. If it was supposed to be straight or blonde, then it would have been expressed in your genes. I think that our society has lost touch with natural beauty and realness. We, out of all the other cultures need to check ourselves, because before you know it, we’ll be against one another over stupid shit like hair weaves, nails, and skin colour.

how come when a black woman dyes her hair blonde or gets a nose job she is trying to be white, or gets a nose she is trying to be white, what about white women who dye their hair and get nose jobs what are they trying to be? i am black and i will die my hair chop off my nose and do what ever the hell i want you people are jealous because what ever you do you want ever be beautiful like me, beyonce or j-lo and christna
ha ha ha

ive seen wite girlz who use fake tan 2 make themselves dark lyk beyonce, jlo or whatever..nobody says anything about get off these stars back if they wanna have lighter hair..its a free world

I guess I don’t understand the difference between beyonce dying her hair and white women risking cancer and death to get her naturally bronze skin color, regulary putting collagen in their lips to get an ethnic pout. White women also where hair extensions too. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, all obviously sport hair extensions throughout their career. White women borrow from ethnic beauty ALL the time. Cleopatra like eyeliner for captivating cat eyes normally found in eastern and other exotic minorities. Bronzed skin , Full lips, butt implants, even curly perms. Why aren’t all these thin lipped, flat ass, limped hair, pasty faced women thought of as trying to be something they are not? Open your eyes people Beyonce is not trying to look White. White women are trying to look like Beyonce. Think about it. All Beyonce has done is dye her hair to get the “beach bunny” look. White women have to dye their hair too, tan for hours risking cancer, inject painful collagen into their lips, receive breast implants to appear curvaceous or butt implants to appear as bootylicious as J-LO. White women want to look more ethnic and get away with it. Wait a minute! YOU don’t look that way naturally either Barbie. Why is it that the women considered to be the most beautiful to White america are those with a lot of Black beauty features? Pamela Anderson tans herself into oblivion and tons of lip injections for fuller lips. Denise Richards has huge lips and rounded ass. Angelina Jolie big lips. Lets be honest here guys!!!!! Lets just be honest.

wow…..all this came out to be is a fight for who’s more beautiful black or white people,…i think no matter what u are u can be pretty, i’m a blonde ….a natural blonde and i kinda feel insulted about what some of you had said ….does that mean i’m a fake uggly bitch? cuz that all i’m getting from this……this whole discussion is pointless cuz all it is is a fight between which race is more beautiful. About Beyonce and JLo and them, ….omg ppl let them do whatever they want its not ur hair its theirs, let em do whatever they want with it, u have no right to tell ppl how they should look, life is short let em have fun . Whoever said Black ppl should look the same and stick together…..why?? shouldnt we all stick together no matter our skin colour? the worlds is changing it doesnt matter where ur from all that matters is that ur your own person and can look the way u choose to look not the way everyone from ur ethnic group looks… You have to be more open minded no country or skin colour is better than all the rest, people that think this way start wars and conflicts.

dude, all those taky skanks are so OUT. as well know beyonce was molested by her smarmy dad and she LOVED IT. lyndsay is just plain ugly and is going nowhere, plus her hot ass boyfriend broke up with her!!! ha ha i think shes anorexic now! and dont even get me on britney, i HATE fake, bleached bitches like ALL of them!!!!!
ugh, not to mention brits measley 2 carot ring SHE BOUGHT HERSELF…i always knew she was in love with herself — and im not hating, i have more $$ than any of them will ever see, so im just speaking the truth 🙂

what the hell is everyone babbling about? black people aint no better than white people and white people aint no better than black people. It seems like some of you are just trying make everyone believe that black folks are higher beings or something. Well here’s news: you’re not. We’re all equal human beings, we all descended from the same area of the planet and our bodies changed with time as we all moved apart to different parts of the world. We all started out (supposedly) as hairy beasts; the fur protected our skin from the sun. Over time, we lost the fur. Humans who stayed in Africa and other hot regions developed dark skin, because of a chemical called Melanin which protected them from the sun’s harmful uv rays. Some people moved to places that were not as hot all the time (europe), lost the fur, and had no need for melanin in their skin because the sun was less intense. Therefore, the skin remained white. Everyone came from the same place. Indians, Asians, whites, blacks, you name it. We’re all genetically the same–almost identical. So quit whining about which race is better. There’s really no such thing as race; it’s just a human made idea to help catagorize populations. And about one race trying to be like another — blame that shit on pop culture; on television – mtv and the like. It’s wack job corporate heads that come up with artificial ideals and spread them like wildfire through their media. It’s everywhere, on the shows you watch to the music you hear on the radio…they’re trying to change you – all so they can make some money. And look what it’s doing to us all.
-Ya Boy

I think that everyone has a right to define their own beauty. If a person feels better bleaching their hair or having cosmetic surgery, it is entirely up to them. I don’t believe that we have the right to judge anyone’s action unless it directly affects us. Whoever that does not like Beyonce and her extentions are entitled to their opinions, but just remember she is doing to please herself and to maximize profits. I admire Beyonce for her talents and generousity. At the end of the day it comes down to pleasing yourself and boosting your self esteem, so lets not try to point a finger because Im sure we are all insecure about something in our life. Some people have the courage to take the step to correct it.

I think all of you bitches who are hating on beyonce are just jealous because you cant’t be her, have you ever took a minute to realize that beyonce is mixed, look at her mother she is light skin with good hair and believe me she didn’t get that way from being african. So wake up stupid bitches!! beyonces is mixed and beautiful and she looks it to and she is the example of what black and white girls want to be ha ha ha!

Every woman should keep in mind this: any plain looking woman can look hot like Beyonce or Britney if she were famous. These ladies have the money to hire stylists and light coordinating people who make them look good. If you girls saw Beyonce or Britney on the street in their plain everyday get-up, you would barely recognize them…you probably wouldn’t even give them a second look because they are plain looking girls made up to look great. Come on…go to those places that do your make-up, hair, and then take your photos and you will see how hot a plain-Jane can look. Blonde, brunette, whatever…I would only ever envy a natural beauty with natural blonde hair or beautiful natural brunette hair…why be jealous of a bottle of hair dye?

I don’t understand how someone can say they hate beyonce or britney when they don’t even know them personally. I think they hate the fact that these women are young, rich, immensely famous, and beautiful. In other words “You hate them cause you aint them.” No matter what race or hair color I give props to any sucessful female out here doing her thing in this male dominated world.

Did you hear about the women who are dying their skin black and then going around strip/humping and calling themselves ‘exotic African women’?
What about the women who are using eye-liner to slant their eyes and then going around strip-humping and calling themselves ‘exotic Japanese women’?
If this sounds wrong to you then maybe you could re-think allowing women to bleach their hair and then going around strip-humping and calling themselves ‘exotic Blonde women’.
You are what you are and if you pretend to be someone else then you should be very careful that your attitude, behavior and actions are respectful to the people you are forcibly associating yourself with. They didn’t choose to be associated with you and they should be free to say so, at the very least. In fact, they should be free to say stop if they feel you are harming them by your false pretences.
This is how Blondes feel about the millions and millions of fakes who are using our name to promote their ‘business’. These women, mostly Brunettes, are harming us and we want it to stop.
Who, in their right mind, other than a sex-trade “worker”, would want to be associated with the likes of Pamela the Stripping Blow-up Doll, Courtney the Junkie Slut, Britney the Toxic Slut, or Anna Nicole Smith the Old Man Hooker?
These are all Bleached Brunettes. When you look at them you DON’T see Blonde hair; you see BRUNETTE hair that has been Bleached. Pass it on.

I do not care whether Beyonce hair or nose or anything else has been changed to suit her commercial bosses taste. As long as her booty is not touched by them. That’s all I like in her.

Look, haven’t any of you thought to stop and think that maybe Beyonce figured her hair suits her better lighter. I have very dark black hair and light skin. The dark hair is nice i suppose, but personally, i feel it drags down my features and it actually makes my skin look pasty. I’m gonna lighten my hair, maybe not to blonde, but i’m gon dye it. Does doing that make me a ‘faker’ because i feel better in myself by doing that? Exactly. Some of you need to think about things before you post.
– Jojo

Can someone explain to me why black people need to ‘stick together’ as one? You people are acting as if the worlds against you. You can be black and want to have your own identity you know. Changing the surface doesn’t change your roots – and I’m sure everyone knows this. I’m black (Beyonce’s color) and I dyed my hair dark blonde. I like it and so does all my friends. At the end of the day, I still stay true to my roots – even if i don’t show it. Black people with blonde hair have nothing to prove, so why act like they do!?
Honey xx

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