Do we defeat true men?

Yes, it’s an easy target. And yes, we’ve already harped on for some time about how the New York Post is very, very error-prone. But today’s Post has three egregious errors, and we thought it pertinent to point them out, in fulfillment of our duties here at low culture as Honorary Ombudsmen of the Paper of Disrepute.
1. From STERN’S LADY IN LAD MAG: “Almost as good is a celebration of the enduring comedy “Nerds,” which this year turns 20.” Let’s see: either they’re reporting on an obscure, under-appreciated documentary depiction of the creation of the Willy Wonka-themed candy of that name, or they left off a key “Revenge of the” preceding modifer. But, hey, everyone loves a good shorthand now and then, right?
2. While not an error, per se, the paper’s HARVEY SET TO BOLT MIRAMAX on Page Six seems a bit, erm, unlikely. “Under the plan being considered, Weinstein would leave to start his own movie company and Miramax would distribute his films, sources say. Harvey’s brother and Miramax co-founder Bob Weinstein is expected to stay at the company, where he runs Dimension Films, a Miramax division that focuses on medium-budget action and horror films.” Fans of studio politics everywhere understand that while Harvey’s a boor, Bob is merely churlish, and boors hardly ever stand down for churls.
3. Oh, and there’s also some big hullabaloo about some error they may have made regarding the cover story above…Something about a cabinet pick, or an election or something? DEVELOPING…