At least he’s still got his sense of humor, that lovable old bear!

hussein_charges_court.jpgWe’ve already used our patented Scientific Joke Assessment Technology® on United States President George W. Bush, but now’s our opportunity to wield this same tool of analysis in the direction of Saddam Hussein. Today marked his first semi-public appearance since, well, being deposed last year, as he faced an Iraqi judge and was read the list of charges against him for his arraignment and impending trial. The verdict? He’s a regular funnyman!
Really, these examples of his sardonic wit blow away even the notoriously jocular Slobodan Milosevic and those on trial for war crimes in Sierra Leone.

Asked if he could afford a lawyer, he became jocose.
“The US says that I have millions stashed in Geneva . Why couldn’t I afford a lawyer?”
And he feigned ignorance of the 1988 gassing of the Kurdish town of Halabja, telling the court: “Yes, I read about that in the press – they said it happened in the time of Saddam Hussein.”

The Iraqi Todd Barry, as we like to call the deposed leader, will hopefully be making his next appearance in the coming days. And in unrelated comedy news, which has nothing whatsoever to do with brilliant timing and/or joke execution, the current government of Iraq has reinstated the death penalty.