Shallow Versus

Woolf in Fred Segal’s Clothing

From left to right, Nicole Kidman and her Oscar-winning prosthetic nose, and the egregiously untalented Ashlee Simpson. Poor, poor girl. Check her pockets for rocks before she goes to the MTV Beach House.

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Ashlee has large breasts, so whether or not she has talent or a big nose is irrelevant. She’ll do just fine. See mtv–they’re already shoving her video down the trlers throats: “you will love her–YES YOU WILL!”

Ain’t nothing wrong with big noses. The shnoz has been underrated for decades. When connected to a talent/mental vaccum however, beaks lose their luster.
Sad to think there are people in this world actually riding on Jessica Simpson’s pink coattails.

“A woman’s whole life in a single hairstyle, and in that hairstyle her whole life.”
“Ashlee Simpson said she would co-write the lyrics herself.”
“Everywhere, I am attended by album producers who inform me of my own interests! I am dying in this genre!”

What is that suppoesed to mean?? Stop Dissin on Ashlee…… She’s got more talent that whoever wrote that she has no talent… n yea; she’s got big tits too…. thats some good sht right there!

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