Ray Charles, in turn, clearly inspired underground hip-hop artists such as Louis Logic and Prince Po

An actual letter to the editor which appeared in The Nation‘s July 12, 2004 issue, amidst readers’ comments on the magazine’s “tribute” to the many under-reported negative aspects of Reagan’s presidency:

Boston – You omitted one salient fact: Ronald Reagan was responsible for creating the best marijuana in the world! When Reagan initiated his “war on drugs,” the marijuana growers were hard pressed to beat the Feds. They had to re-engineer their plant, and they did so in one of the greatest breeding undertakings ever–no recombinant DNA, just conventional breeding technology. In a few years the marijuana plant was a dwarf plant that lacked the typical acrid odor, thereby allowing it to be grown indoors. Along with these changes came additional benefits–the best and most potent sinsemilla marijuana in the world. Bravo, Mr. President.