Am I Veep Or Not?

Odds of a Kerry/McCain 2004 Candidacy: 0/1,000,000
Odds of a Kerry/Kucinich 2004 Candidacy: 1/1,000,000
(cf. McCain, Bush Begin to Mend Ties; Senator Wooed by Kerry but Will Appear With Former Rival, Washington Post, June 17, 2004)

4 replies on “Am I Veep Or Not?”

I’d be interested in the methodology used to calculate these odds. Since there are more than 1 million US citizens older than 35, I’d say that the odds would be significantly higher. 1 in 1 million might be the odds of Kucinich finding a date.

How did other past Veep candidates not make the list? Notably ERA Ferraro and Ariel Lieberman should be given another shot at handing the Whitehouse to Republicans.

Ahhh … I think not. The Dems should not be in the business of putting up candidates who may require either a walker or diaper.
The Republicans have that covered.

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