If found, please alert P.T. Anderson

Have You C.’n This Man?

6 replies on “If found, please alert P.T. Anderson”

yeah. he’s coming to seattle for siff to promo a movie he did with maggie gyllenhall. called criminal or something. so he’s around. still trendy.

He was supposed to be in the next Lars Von Trier’s next movie, but he walked off the picture when Lars decided to slaughter a horse or donkey (I forget) for a scene, rather than use CGI or a fake or whatever. They replaced him immediately. Fucking “artists.”

Speaking of John. C Reilly, inside the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” LP, there’s a picture of a huge crowd, and Reilly can be seen in this picture smack dab in the middle with his mouth wide open. It’s really funny.. I think it’s him, at least.

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