A personal remembrance from Ronald Reagan’s costar, Bonzo

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12 replies on “A personal remembrance from Ronald Reagan’s costar, Bonzo”

Wow!! Well done
This made me think of Monty Burns assessing the work of one of his typing monkeys: “‘It was the best of times; it was the blurst of times?!’ Stupid monkey!”
That makes me smile whenever I think of it. Huh huh … monkey …

Georgie sounds more like Ronnie all the time as he is described in Bonzo’s comments!!

You did it (the disrepectful post), I wish you didn’t but there it is.
There’s alot to be said about Reagan and the Reagan Administration; deregulation of corporations which I think has resulted in a hell of alot more pollution, illnesses from such and awful affectations generally. Lower quality foods (unhealthly), an abundance of probably hazardous overprescribed costly prescription drugs, lower standard of living for the working class and the psychology to intimidate people into agreeing with such.
Let’s not forget how people are divided along religious, ethnic, sexual lines. I think alot of the ques for this mentality came out of the government starting with that administration. His speech writers didn’t include AIDS in his words for years -for a reason-.
White supremicists, arayan nations and kkk were forgotten or barely existed but were mysteriously reborn in the 80’s age of psyops.
To be there and watch it happen the most shocking effect was that a substantial number of average people reacted with patriotic affirmations (?).
Tough luck for us, this is life, you roll with the punches, if you don’t you’ll end up wearing a ridiculous costume firmly convinced that you’re “making a difference.”
I could go on about these stamped out political figures who are unknowing of critical events and then innocent of responsiblity, the good lovable old yeller types but I won’t go on. My reason for comment is that so many people have learned to be aggressive and nasty-mean spirited toward other Americans in the last 24yrs (beginning in the 80’s) that I can only think that severe sarcasim at a critical moment is defeating.
When people are panicked and confused they’ll grab just as a drowning person (psyops theory). Then they’ll have to defend their beliefs/new beliefs/rope with affirmations such as fanaticism, preaching, criticism, some kind of attacks for certain.
There’s alot of adoration pouring out of people this week so to cross the line of emotion will give them another reason to focus their fear and anger not on the people in governments and corporations and on THEMSELVES but on those who they’re led to believe are the cause of their woes.
I can’t know how much you read but it is stunning how many times murderous crazy muslims are criticized and at the same time the criticism is immediately associated with the Left, LLL, Democrats etc. It doesn’t matter if it’s naive, it’s what moves people.

briefly to “thread killer”: i beg to differ re: ‘disrespectful’ notion above. there’s no literal disrespect leveled against ronnie, above. it’s absolutely, clearly, transparently directed at the idea of a more-or-less targetless gag, a monkey, a sidekick, a joke, ever-so-slightly contextualized as a dig against the rightwing pundits and media types given full airtime this week.
on CNN tonight: a chyron reading “reagan’s death: reactions from the right” and featuring laura ingraham going on about ronnie’s good natured behavior.
it goes without saying that there won’t be a “reactions from the left” featuring chris hitchens re-reading his slate piece from today. why, that would be ‘tasteless’, and ‘insensitive’, and the like.
so we’ll stick with jokes about monkeys using typewriters.

very briefly to jp: Your point here is well taken but not to be combative it avoids the tact of the headline and picture and the idea of my comment.
I’m going to read Hitchens.

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