The low culture Subtext Finder, Vol. 2

“Seriously, vote for Bush. I’m fucking serious.”
Yesterday, Attorney general John Ashcroft and Robert Mueller, director of the FBI, held a news briefing/press conference/photo-show-and-tell to alert the American public of the possibilty that al Qaeda, our arch-nemesis in the War on Terror™, may be planning summertime attacks on the U.S.
While perhaps a few jitney riders and resort-goers may experience some inconvenience due to these quasi-anticipated attacks, rest assured, dear nervous Americans, that the motives of our Great Enemy transcend mere discomfiture.
From the transcript of Ashcroft’s briefing to the press:

“After the March 11th attack in Madrid, Spain, an Al Qaida spokesman announced that 90 percent of the arrangements for an attack in the United States were complete.
The Madrid railway bombings were perceived by Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida to have advanced their cause. Al Qaida may perceive that a large-scale attack in the United States this summer or fall would lead to similar consequences.”

Perhaps a translation is in order:

“After al Qaeda attacked hundreds of Spanish commuters shortly before an election, the voting populace in Spain suprised us all by electing an opponent of the U.S.-led war on terror into national office, thereby replacing an official who had stood by President Bush’s side during his unpopular invasion of Iraq. Thus, al Qaeda ‘won’. Furthermore, this means that they shall ‘win’ again if you, the American public, were to elect John Kerry this fall, since he, too, has at times spoken out against the way in which Bush has been embarking on this particular war on terror. But then again, if the attacks take place before the election, do we stop them, and hope that, as with the Spanish example, ‘no attack’ means the re-election of the pro-war candidate? Or do we let the attacks happen and make Spain an example in ‘what not to do’? Fuck. Bush/Cheney 2004!”

Of course, that’s just one reading of the material presented at the press briefing. And it’s not like anyone else has a similar take on yesterday’s event.

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Well I for one wish it was just another sophisticated but cheap political trick.
Yesterday I saw former mid-east agent and author RobtBaer on MSNBC and his advice was to avoid high value targets like D.C. and NYC, sobering. He also said, in a previous interview, that too little was being done in the US and abroad by the US Gov leading him to surmise it will take one or two more 9-11’s to get the Washington Asshats moving, f*cking nepetism.
OT I don’t like registering at news sites, hell the Wash.Post has a form so detailed it requires the date of the last time the subscriber had anal sex!
So for the NYT it also has a sign-up doorway which might be a legal necessity for this “reportedly” lame-ass blog. Nevertheless if the the title of the article is posted then it can be googled and often read without signup, I do it all the time for NYT articles.
I.E. from a NYT frontpage headline;,+Some+Question+Threat+and+Its+Timing
Then the first entry from google gave this;
Kerry spoke today and was forceful, less rhetoric, he filled part of that vacuum.

You gotta give it to them, they’re getting refined. This is doublethink at it’s finest. Whatever political strategists they’re using, those bastards are earning their moolah. Not that I like it, or that I’m falling for it.
Sadly, I’m not so confident about most of the rest of America.

Earning their moolah is an understatement, these fuckers are P R O S! Hellbent for leather too!
A lack of confidence (never to be misconstrued as a lack of pc patriotism) is worth noting and get used to it because the global dynamic has changed, it won’t be going back and that’s reality.
Reality really hasn’t changed it’s just the perception of it. History shows everything we witness today is just history revisited. Only diff is that we’re concious of it constantly and that’s the loss of a great luxury here in the West, the loss of unconciousness.

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