“Cannes-Do” Marketing

In preparation for the film’s July release date, Paramount has begun to reveal its marketing materials for Jonathan Demme’s upcoming “The Manchurian Candidate”, which is, of course, an oh-so-necessary remake of the John Frankenheimer-directed Cold War original.
Their campaign includes the release of teaser ads for the film appearing at the currently-in-progress 2004 Cannes Film Festival, as shown here and re-created above.
Advertising for a summer blockbuster at the Cannes Film Festival, alongside what was once ostensibly a gathering for artsy films…something seemed very “off” about this particular marketing ploy, until we stumbled upon the solution, below.

One reply on ““Cannes-Do” Marketing”

Don’t forget the remake of “The Stepford Wives”, a bizarre male-virgin-in the basement fantasy of robot wives who replace murdered wives. Ya godda love women to come up with that screenplay!
Remakes are endless and haunting. The Tv shows that reappear or new versions of such like these game shows that reminisce ’60s game shows. Then the movies and the real Tv, advertisements/commercials. Cadillac runs ads with Led Zepellin music, it gets very scarey.
All the motherf*ckin sh*t happening at this moment and there’s still a market endlessly for Remakes, I’m losing faith if I have any left over.

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