Superstar Inquisitor: Tony Snow

tonysnow_hearts.gifFrom “Telephonic Interview of the Vice President by Tony Snow, Fox News,” a.k.a, “Speed Dating with Tony Snow and Dick Cheney,” The Vice President’s Office, 11:08 A.M. EDT:

SNOW: Thirty seconds. Why is Ted Kennedy so mad at you?
THE VICE PRESIDENT: Me personally?
SNOW: Yes.
THE VICE PRESIDENT: I didn’t know he was.
SNOW: Okay. Vice President Dick Cheney, I want to thank you for joining — and by the way, is “Red River” really your favorite movie?
THE VICE PRESIDENT: (Laughter.) Well, it’s right up there at the top of my short list.

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Funny, I heard that interview. Didn’t Snow also ask Cheney… several times… about the Abu Ghraib prisoners? Seems to me Snow was actually tough on Cheney about the pictures, and whether there was a failure in the chain of command. Aural sex..? more of a Hummer.

I hate to take sides, especially during a war, I must say that it is hard to believe that the V.P. was given a tough interview anywhere in the Media.
Columnists may write serious questions but the keyboard doesn’t answer. These soundbite interviews say alot of nothing. I’ve watched correspondents ask questions of beaurocrats and repeatedly receive statements not answers, then on to the next question/statement.
Tell Rall published an antiwar cartoon which was disrespectful of deceased veteran Tillman. Rall did several interviews at Fox while stripped naked with a bag over his head. That was a tough interview but Rall defended himself well, he was prepared for everything they threw at him and he didn’t have a talking points script.

The indside word was that before the interview the Secret Service asked Snow if he checked “organ donor” on his driver’s license.
Snow, sweating profusely, then proceeded in a daze to interview the V.P. who is the only person on earth who had more heart attacks than my late grandmother(rip)…

So when is Mr. Snow going to out himself? Tony really needs to be outed for the in-the-closet gay that he is. He really is too pretty not to admit his gayness. Talk about sham marriages! The guy is gay, period. Someone should let his wife know that his “extra-curricular” gay activites is actually putting her in danger of the aids virus?

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