With Friends like these…

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On Thursday, May 6, 2004, while fifty million Americans tuned in to see the end of Friends on NBC, what were Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld doing? Eating hotdogs and watching the Mets battle Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants from behind the visitors’ dugout at Shea Stadium.
Finally, an explanation for that whole sitcom-star subplot of Larry David’s “Sour Grapes“.

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What Friends? I got Rumsfeld on 9 channels including one spanish language broadcast (out of about 70 cable channels), 2 others had him on briefly. About 8 protestors were just escorted out while screaming “Fire Rumsfeld” and “War Crimes”.
I have never seen “Friends”. Of course I never saw “Seinfeld” until it was in reruns and I spent the following two years watching a 7PM replay, that is a funny, charming show.
50 million people. I’m out of some part of the mainstream for sure. It was annoying to me that the cable news channels kept going from Iraqi abuse photos to news pieces about this goddamn show “Friends”.
I know JerrySeinfeld (show) and Friends is NO JerrySeinfeld.
I have my own “sour grapes” to entertain now at an off-track gambling outlet, this will save me from these already dull speeches in front of the Senate comittee.
I understand Chris and Jerry.

So Chris and Jerry were outside having a life while others were watching “Friends”.
I don’t know which is more inane. People discussing the “Friends” finale as if it were actual news or people tracing imaginary battle lines based on people NOT watching the “Friends” finale.
If there is an award for lame blog post of the year, this one is right up there.

As recently noted; that lame blog post was posted in an inane and “SHALLOW” fashion!
Those are no imaginary battles this goes right to the heart of the pro-choice pro-life “debate”. And to the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian “conflict”. And to the heart of the mean-spirited liberal-conservative “agenda”. And to the heart of the strong economy vs. part-time jobless recovery “reality”.
Do I have to go on? Imaginary lines become what they pretend to be.

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