“If I had prepared, my answer would be ‘You are dead, young lady'”

During today’s visit to Red China, Vice President Cheney spoke at Shanghai’s Fudan University, using the opportunity to praise China’s economic reforms that have enabled the monstrously large nation to be less “red” and more, well, “red” in their approach to free markets and capitalism.
Oh, there was also some stuff about the need to bring a genuine democratic movement over there, as well. As we’ve seen, spreading democracy, of course, is the central theme of the Bush 43 Administration, even though this leitmotif may not have effectively seeped into the mindset of those students handpicked to engage in the eventual question-and-answer session:

The students, asking polite and respectful questions, did not pick up on Cheney’s theme of democracy, choosing instead to ask about economic and regional issues, such as the U.S. sales of arms of Taiwan, which China considers a renegade province.
To laughter, however, one student showed a keen understanding of inter-administration politics. “It is said you are the the most powerful vice president in U.S. history,” she asked. “I ask, how do you play a role in the Bush administration?”
“That is not a question I had anticipated,” Cheney said.

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