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Tomorrow’s Corrections Today, vol. 1

Slated to appear on the New York Times’ Corrections page, April 9, 2004:

Because of an editing error, we misidentified the author of an op-ed which appeared in Thursday’s paper about Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and the growth of alternative rock music. The article was written by former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, not Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore. The Times regrets the error.

One reply on “Tomorrow’s Corrections Today, vol. 1”

George W. Bush might have made a couple of mistakes but does that make him a bad man. I didn’t think so I made a couple of mistakes and I am not a bad man neither. This is one of my saying “don’t judge people by who they are or how they act.” Another one of my sayings is, “Treat others the way that you want to be treated because it will hit you right back in the face when they get in a car wreck and pass away at the hospital.” I was a bad man to that person because I was mean to him and now I regret it becasue god took his life from me and my friends and his family. KNow I can’t see him unless I go to his grave and shut my eyes that is how I communicate back and forth together with him.

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