Playing catch with items lobbed in your direction

Regarding events of April 5, 2004, by way of the St. Francois County Daily Journal in Missouri:

ST. LOUIS (AP) – President Bush is getting the hang of throwing out first pitches. He tossed one in from the mound at Busch Stadium Monday, ceremonially opening the 2004 Major League Baseball season, and the catcher hardly had to move his mitt.
Bush said, in advance, “My wing isn’t what it used to be.”
But when he reared back and threw, the pitch was right in there. He also had said he planned to throw a “hopping fastball” to open the Brewers-Cardinals game, but it looked more like an off-speed pitch. The Cardinals’ Mike Matheny caught it easily.
“It just goes to show you a guy can get lucky occasionally,” Bush said afterward.

Regarding events of April 5, 2004, by way of the Washington Post:

In Baghdad’s Kadhimiya district, meanwhile, three members of the Army’s 1st Armored Division died in combat Monday and Tuesday.
One died from wounds received Tuesday when a rocket-propelled grenade hit his Bradley Fighting Vehicle. Another was killed Monday when his convoy was attacked with small arms and rocket-propelled grenade fire. The third died later in the day Monday during a firefight, the military announced Tuesday.

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Another reason to dislike Bush. What the HELL is he wearing Cardinal red for. It was a double dose of disappointment for me yesterday since Cheney threw the first pitch at the Cubs game. CUBS WIN!!!

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