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I’m almost sorry to be back…

I just returned from my business trip to London, and wanted to post some “brilliant” photos of the world’s loveliest city! (That’s what all the UK-based ad agency executives I met with said whenever they liked something, or thought it was cool…”Brilliant!”) Anyway, here’s their equivalent of Times Square.
They have all these public restrooms over there, too…really amazing. I didn’t have the need to use one, thankfully, so I don’t know if you need to insert coins to use them, but I bet they cost more than a “quid”.

One reply on “I’m almost sorry to be back…”

You do need to insert coins – 20p to be exact (about $0.30?)
The sacry thing about them is that the door automatically opens after a period of time so you gotta be quick if you want to avoid public humiliation.

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