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Colin Headroom Tes-Tes-Testifies

(Click above to see the New York Times’ original photo of Sec. Powell testifying before the 9/11 commission on March 23, 2004)
“We wanted to moo-moo-move beyond the rollback policy of c-c-containment, criminal prosecu-cu-cu-cution and limited retaliation for specific terrorist attacks. We wanted to de-de-de-destroy Al Qaeda.” – COLIN L. POWELL, Secretary of State, Network 23

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hi, kingjack, no point (though i’m sure if there had been one it would have flown over your head), just tepid visual riffing on the times’ original photo, which was a consciously art-directed shot of the testimony from the day’s hearings.
so they could have just shown colin powell, but they instead went out of their way to present this “photo editor’s delight”, that’s all.
and the shot they chose was so, well, self-conscious, it reminded me of max headroom. there you go, there’s the process explanation for the day.

Kingjack, what is the deal with calling Jean-Paul “Jean-Luc” all the time? Is it some weird joke or a Jackie Harvey-esque tick on your part?
As for wondering about his point, you are so right on. Sometimes, I wonder what his point is, too. Like, this one time, we were building a spice rack in my basement and I accidentally drove a nail through my foot. I was hobbling around, screaming in pain, begging JP to call an ambulance and he said, “Now do you get the point? Do you?!?”
It took me a few days (mostly ’till the painkillers wore off and I could drive and feed myself again) to realize he was making a pun–a sharp one at that! You gotta admit, the kid is funny. Bad timing, maybe. But funny.
I wrote this using voice recognition software.

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