Al Franken: (Great) Liberal Ass

SNL castmember Laraine Newman on Al Franken’s butt:

“He had this very defined musculature. His butt was like a cut basketball. Which, you know, you don’t normally see in comedy writers.”

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That was a pretty solid article. I was disappointed, though, that the author didn’t mention one of Al’s greatest talents: his ability to draw the entire lower 48 states in less than one minute. I saw him do it on Letterman years ago…probably back in the NBC days. Wait…did he draw Hawaii and Alaska, too? I can’t remember.

What’s funny, Is I saw the unedited interview on a canadian tv channel, and she also had this choice comment about a certain other part of Mr. Franken’s anatomy:
“Do you remember those yellow plastic wiffle ball bats.”

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