Smile for campaign contributions; look solemn for the historical record

Above, President Bush with an average American fan at a fundraiser last week. Below, Bush with his personal photographer, Eric Draper.

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I don’t like bush anymore than the next guy and will do everything I can to keep him from getting reelected, but that second picture is a little misleading. Look at where the sun is coming from — the left. There should be a shadow from the photographer on Bush, but there isn’t. So he’s taking a pictures, but it couldn’t be of Bush. You don’t have to jump all over the guy just for looking serious.

Are you implying that Bush’s willingness to smile on one occasion & look solemn on another differs from that of Clinton? Or Kerry? Or Dean? Or Schroeder? Or Chirac? Or Arafat?

Sure, everyone knows AP doctors photos to make the president look like an imbecile, sheesh. Click on the photo guys.
US President George W. Bush (news – web sites) (R) walks past his personal photographer Eric Draper (L) on his way to board Marine One in Washington, DC. The electoral upset of Spain’s ruling party, seen as a rejection of its support of the US-led invasion of Iraq (news – web sites), is a setback to US President George W. Bush as the battle for the White House heats up.(AFP/Tim Sloan)

There is no doctoring of this image. Eric Draper is simply standing off to the left of Pres. Bush shooting whatever is behind him. If he was directly infront of the Pres. there would be a shadow on him, but there isn’t. This photo in no way shape or form has been doctored.

Anything’s possible. I wasn’t going by the shadow issue, I was looking at the difference in the ambient color behind the photog & bush. I took the vertical line for a “splice,” but I suppose it could the corner of a building; same color on either side, but differing lighting characteristics. Still, jean-luc is reaching so far to piss on bush that his piss simply is not hitting his intended target.

I agree, I mean, there just isn’t any sort of doctoring going on. I could take this further by discussing the lense that is being used and the fact that more than likely he is shooting digitaly. There just is no way this was manipulated, plain and simple.

you’re reading a lot into what i’m sure was just a light-hearted posting of some amusing shots. how nice that you learned photoshop – try splicing yourself a life.

I’m not even going to drop my skills on you, and how I could absolutely shred the fact that this is not a doctored image.
“how nice that you learned Photoshop – try splicing yourself a life.”
A 3rd grade come back if I ever heard one. Obviously you are angry at something. So angry you post anonymously.

That’s right, photosuperstar, jean-luc was telling ME to get a life because he only wants to play with people who agree with him and tell him that he’s clever. But the web is equal-opportunity, and if one posts one’s opinions & beliefs publicly and invites responses, one should have the balls to accept criticism & the intellect to defend one’s opinions & beliefs. Jean-luc is an anti-bushie which is his right, but he can’t claim his post is “light-hearted” or “amusing” when it’s (by his own definition) “grave.”

hello everyone, or at least, the two of you who seem to be bickering about nothing of great import…
i actually haven’t posted any comments in this thread, so i wasn’t ever at any point “dissuading criticism” or whatever the likeminded charge was for this “jean luc” star-trek channeling persona.
i was mostly just sitting back rather puzzled and bemusedly, trying to see how far people’s spins were going.
ta ta!

I congratulate you on being so above-it-all. You are indeed superior & coolly ironic. Bless your heart.

HRH Jack: the guy’s name is Jean-Paul, not Jean-Luc. But, yes, you nailed his superior & coolly ironic pose. One time, I was using a bandsaw and I cut two of my fingers off to the first knuckle and I screamed, “Jean-Paul, help me!” and he was all, “Hahaha… this is like a movie, but with worse special effects.” And I was like, “JP, help me, I’m bleeding everywhere, help!” And he was all cool & ironic as he drove me the hospital.
I typed this using my helper monkey.

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