When talking points collide

As German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder met with President Bush at the White House today (both men presumably enduring the event with forced smiles and pseudo-affable buddy posturing), Number 43 let fly with a puzzling new iteration of one of his trademarked “Bushisms” as the two leaders discussed that whole war/crisis thing going on in the Middle East — specifically, the potential for democracy to flourish in the region.

“Bush and Schroeder also talked about the Middle East, with Bush stressing the need to put democratic institutions in place ‘that survive the whims of men and women.’
He didn’t offer specifics about what that meant, but repeated his belief that democracy and freedom can help stem terrorism.”

At the tail end, there, the AP’s Jennifer Loven was thoughtful enough to remind readers of the confusing tenor of the President’s remarks, but, in true objective journalistic fashion, neglected to take the opportunity to provide the most likely interpretation: his remarkable ability to stay on message all week long!
Of course, Bush seemed to have forgotten which event this was, and that he had already proposed his “marriage as a union of a man and woman” constitutional amendment earlier in the week, and that today’s particular remarks should have instead featured the President making the usual hyperbolic proclamations about making the world safe again.
Presumably, even, for homos, though we can forgive Bush for mixing up his discussions of conservative minority-as-majority regimes.