Lewis Black Can’t Lose (Actually, he has. And he’s still pissed.)

Lblack.jpgIf you thought Lewis Black was just that overly-caffeinated, disheveled comedian who does Back in Black on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, swing on by The LA Weekly to learn about his early career as a playwright. (In Love, Pissed, by David Shulman).
Like any writer, Black’s got a little creation myth about the moment he was first prompted to put pen to paper. Like his comedy, it’s half bitter, half funny as hell:

“I’d been living with an actress… And she went over and did a major motion picture in England. We’d been together three years, and now we were in Skid Mode. So she goes over there [England], and I don’t hear from her until she calls me up and tells me she’s met the man she’s going to marry. And I’m like, Are you out of your fucking mind? Because this is a girl without a mainstream romantic bone in her body. Less than a year later, she’s marrying the guy. All my friends went to the wedding. And I didn’t… I really loved her family. We got along really well, and I heard that all the family talked about at the wedding was me, and how they couldn’t believe she was marrying this other guy. So all I did was go, Wow — what if I had shown up? And that was really what the play became about.”

His lose is the audience’s gain, I guess.
Black’s show, One Slight Hitch, is playing now at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank.