Absolutely Our Last Passion-Related Post (Today)

The early reviews are in:
‘Jews Killed Jesus’ Sign Causing Controversy: Pastor Refuses To Remove Or Change Saying On Outdoor Marquee, ABC News, Denver
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I’ve been mulling this for a few days. I’ve been trying to get to the root of what bugs me about this film. I think I’ve got it, tho. Its not the content, exactly, so much as the intent. I think the natural expectation of this film is that its supposed to be some sort of propaganda-ish conversion tool. Except it ain’t. Mad Mel just seems to be preaching to the choir here. Powerful stuff for believers, I’m sure, but what of everyone else…merely uncomfortable to watch, but are any real questions raised?
Then I got to thinking. What would it be like if this film (or anything, for that matter) really DID start mass-converting people. What would that be like? Not for the new converts, I mean, but for the “old school” Christians. Its strange to ask, but would there be a backlash? Resentment at the newbies? Like when your favorite little indie band suddenly become rock stars? Would people complain that Jesus sold out? Would religious chat rooms become tension-filled as old-schoolers get sick of answering inane questions from the newbies? (“Yes, there are 10 of them. Yes, they’re all variations on the ‘Thou shalt not’ theme. Lord, don’t you know ANYTHING??”) Just wondering. It just crossed my mind and made me laugh. Happy Friday, people.

the universe is undergoing a collapse hurtling us back to the middle ages; must get used to the deja-vu…

Brian, I think I agree with your first paragraph – that it’s preaching to the choir, etc., but I doubt that it will lead to mass conversions …
… with the possible exception of Fangoria’s readership! Now that will be fun.
I think that it would also be funny if the movie sparked an interest in cinematic gore among evangelicals, but this seems like a bit of a stretch.
At any rate, Pastor Gordon should be ashamed and so should Gibson

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