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Other Recently Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Dogs Constitutionally- recognized as better than cats
No more special treatment for Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate
Paul made the Constitutionally- recognized best Beatle
Infield Fly Rule unilaterally banned
Lefties to be forced to become righties, or be burned at the stake
Discussions about the weather in elevators no longer protected by First Amendment
Super intelligent robots, should they be invented, never to be endowed with human emotions under penalty of being unplugged

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i’ll settle for giving up the infield fly rule as long as there’s constitutional protection for the run-to-first-on-the-third-strike-if-the-catcher-drops-the-ball rule.

you’d better watch it about the lefties pal. We have powers 1000 times stronger than what you call telekenisis. You don’t want this wrath, baby.

What a fantastic entry to “Grave, Satirical”!
It reminds me of that Simpsons’ episode where Homer, granted the role of Death, frivolously uses his power to clear a path to the best seats at a baseball game.
(Also – that picture – funny, funny!!)
Keep it up!

i’m with the guy who made the lefties comment–we may be a small portion of the population, but what we lack in number we make up for in anger at constantly being treated like we’re not equal.
on a serious note, thank you, low culture, for a post that points out how absurd this “ban” is.

The gigantic pronouncements are accelerating. He’s promised us the moon! Mars! And now this and those two fine judges he snuck past Teddy Kennedy. It’s like x-mas every few days with this guy. What’s next, daddy? And Osama, will you take him now, or wait till fall??
I love being a character in Carl Rove’s screenplay, don’t know about you.

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