Dirty Dancing: Rewrites

ddancing.jpgA riddle for the ages: How many screenwriters does it take to make a hit?
Apparently eight. Coming this Friday, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, written by:
1. Victoria Arch
2. Ronald Bass (writer of every movie, ever; cf. Tad Friend’s “The Two-Billion Dollar Man,” in Lost in Mongolia)
3. Jonathan Bernstein (former SPIN writer and author)
4. Mark Blackwell (former SPIN editor)
5. Pamela Gray
6. James Greer (former SPIN editor and author)
7. Christina Wayne (writer, Dominique Dunne – An American Tragedy: The E! True Hollywood Story)
8. Boaz Yakin (once promising writer/director of Fresh, more recently, director of Uptown Girls)
Can’t you just see them all in one big room, laptops networked together, ideas flying left and right? Teamwork: it’s a beautiful thing.
Of course, all of them combined couldn’t come up with a line as quotable as “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”

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Oh, that’s weird. I know Christina. She used to write music video treatments for directors like: David Fincher and Michael Bay. She also wrote and directed a not so good film called ‘Tart’.

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