They’re so cute when they’re little

I know what you’re thinking: How will you live without Sex and the City?
Better, probably. And with more laughs, too. But for those of you who can’t get enough of SaTC and want more than the easy to swallow (har har) half-hour doses you get on cable, you can start waiting on line now for the big screen version. (As if each episode didn’t already feel two hours long.)
In the meantime, print out these photos and place them in your wallet if you love the show so much.
Sarah Jessica Parker on Square Pegs
Cynthia Nixon in Little Darlings
Kim Cattrall in Porky’s
Not Pictured: Kristin Davis, who was born fully-grown.

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It’s a shame I had to waste 10 minutes of my time reading your terrible and I must add, not very well written article on but the few minutes it will take to tell you so I will gladly give.
When I read your article, I felt like I was reading some macho football player’s high school essay. Really not very impressive.
Enough of my time wasted on you.

Ya know, I think it’s time that all weblogs led a revolt against open comments. I mean, some inarticulate tirade about Matt sounding like a macho football player? Honestly. It would be perfectly interesting if you knew who wrote it, but anonymously, how can one take that seriously?
(And actually, I disagree anyway: I thought Matt sounded kind of sensitive and fruity in his essay.)
In any event: anyone can be a bitch and not sign their name.

who the hell are you, you joyless misogynist fuck? it’s clear that what you see reflected in the last season’s plot line is your own dim and misguided perspectives on women. find something else to talk about, because honey, this ain’t it for you.

I loved this article — it’s TREMENDOUSLY written, especially the part about Carrie as a fluttery butterfly pinned by her own capriciousness. FUCKING A+ QUOTABLE BRAVO! Well done!

Actually, this seems a good time to mention that we met Ms. Nixon when she was appearing in The Heidi Chronicles — she was the pal of our friend’s dad, another actor. This was in her longblondhair that-nuclear-genius movie phase. After the show she walked my friend and I a few blocks to a crosstown bus and put us on to make sure we were okay (we were from Jersey). A dear woman, as we were 16 and totally not cute or cuddly-seeming in any way.

I love SATC but it doesn’t mean it’s immune to criticism. Though I disagreed with some of the examples, I thought that Matt’s essay on Slate was well-written and brought up some great points and made me think about series a little differently – which is all I can hope for. I would also offer that there is a male counterpart to terms of the “humiliation and cruelty” of roles: Ben Stiller.
And I’m sure the same person who posted anonymous comment is writing a letter to Peter Traver, thanking him for his incisive and impactful criticism.

I see Matt has done what a good journalist is supposed to do: make a point well and let others argue it to the death. Personally, since I always thought SATC celebrated cruelty and never found it as ground-breaking (or even frothy) as others, Matt’s argument was very well-done. But OTOH, I guess some people wait for ages to use the term “joyless, misogynistic fuck” so hey, aren’t you glad that’s out of your system now? Great feeling, I gotta tell ya.

If no one realized that both “incisive” and “impactful” used in conjunction with “Peter Travers” was meant as sarcasm, then I’ve entered the bizarro world.

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