Lords of the Bling

jarule.jpgI’m just as surprised as you are that one of the most incisive critiques of hip hop capitalism would come from MAD Magazine, but it’s a crazy world, right?
On newsstands this month, The Lords of the Bling movie poster. I was sad that there wasn’t room for Farnsworth Bentley as Samwise Gamgee (“Mr. Diddy, look out for that giant spider!”), but it’s pretty perfect as it is.
Related: Black Book has Jay-Z on the cover of it’s special “Bourgeois” issue, also out this month. (Coincidentally, Hova’s upcoming MTV books/Pocket Books memoir is also titled Black Book.)

One reply on “Lords of the Bling

i try to consider all kinds of music, but for the most part hip hop has seemingly nothing to offer these days. MAD’s assessment is right on. even jay-z thinks it’s getting boring

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