Super Dave’s Latest Stunt

Who’s that gravelly-voiced actor who plays the perpetually-in-a-funk Marty Funhouser on HBO‘s Curb Your Enthusiasm? Why, it’s none other than Bob Einstein, aka, “Super” Dave Osborne, the world’s greatest daredevil stuntman!
I distinctly remember his show from when I was a kid. At the time, I think I actually believed he was a real stuntman who just messed up a lot. You can buy a Super Dave video here.
Einstein’s also the brother of Albert Brooks. Yes, the poor guy was born Albert Einstein. Parents and their high expectations: Sheesh!

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He also did a guest host stint as Super Dave on Jimmy Kimmel a few weeks ago. More discussion about it here.

This season of “Curb” has been chock full of “hey, it’s that guy” sightings from Herman of “Herman’s Head” to Daphne’s ex-fiance on “Frasier” to Doogie Howser’s father.

I went to a couple of tapings of the Super Dave show, he was hilarious! This is going back a long way but before that he was in a show called Bizarre, which was an understatement!

I knew it was Super Dave! I first saw him waaay back when on “Van Dyke and Company,” so I knew it was he. Thanks for explaining why I couldn’t find his name in the credits.

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