Whistlestop in the Village of the Damned

“Beware the stare that will paralyze the will of the world.”

One reply on “Whistlestop in the Village of the Damned

It was a great movie and creepy. Carpenter was gonna do the rework in the 80s, but he cancelled it because he was really busy, but the movie did have an 80s look even though it was made in 95, maybe Carpenter wanted to make up its lost time, but it should’ve been done earlier though. it’s only good in the beginning, and it also came out as a disappoinment at the box office. In the original recipe, all the kids get killed by the bomb at the end, and was followed three years later by its semi-sequel, Children of the Damned, which didn’t do well either, but still entertaining. In the update version, one kid survived and left the story open for the sequel, which never came.

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