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“The story, so far, of the Democratic primary is: Don’t believe the hype.”
—John Podhoretz, The Media Lose, The New York Post, Jan. 28, 2004
“Here’s a letter to the New York Post
The worst piece of paper on the east coast
Matter of fact the whole state’s forty cents
in New York City fifty cents elsewhere
It makes no goddamn sense at all
America’s oldest continuously published daily piece of bullshit
Here’s a letter to the New York Post
Ain’t worth the paper it’s printed on
Founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton
That is 190 years continuous of fucked up news”
—Public Enemy, “A Letter to the New York Post
Sidebar: I left out the headline, because I couldn’t decide between the following:
John Podhoretz: House of the Rising Son
John Podhoretz: Sophisticated Bitch
John Podhoretz: You’re Gonna Get Yours
John Podhoretz: Lost at Birth
John Podhoretz: Godd Complexx
John Podhoretz: Public Enemy no. 1

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P.E. are gods of rap, it goes without saying. But in this instance Chuck D. seems to have forgotten that for a sizable portion of said “190 years continuous of fucked up news,” the Post was the most liberal newspaper in New York, and arguably the country.
Click my link, dammit.

Damn. Unfortunately, “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos” just isn’t appropriate. I wish the S1Ws could have been called in on this guy’s ass.
Speaking of the S1Ws, did they leave with Professor Griff when he and Chuck had some issues?

PE forever. Never imitated.
NYPost is entertaining. Everyone reads PageSix, even if you hate it. don’t know why he hates the post, no one takes them THAT seriously.
I miss Chuck D’s voice and message. And what happened to flava flav?

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