C’mon, stop jerkin’ him around

CharlizeNYer.jpgGod, does it ever suck to be American Sucker, David Denby right now.
Not only is every blogger worth their RSS Feed making fun of his Web surfing habits, and reviewers are giddily slamming his book all over town.
Now even his own employers are mocking him.
How else to explain the placement of this image of the uncharacteristically nekkid [link not safe for work!] South African siren Charlize Theron along with his review of Monster?
Can’t you just see some mean coworkers tearing out this photo, dabbing it with rubber cement, and leaving it near his desk? New Yorkers can be so cruel.

3 replies on “C’mon, stop jerkin’ him around”

Wow that’s an unattractive photo of Charlize. I guess they didn’t want to show a close-up of her face, which is even more prosthetic looking than her Monster make-up.

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