Catamite Aphrodite?

Michael Jackson to contribute to the soundtrack?
Title: The Manny
Log Line: A young boy masters the art of ridding himself of nanny supervision through a myriad of devilish schemes. He meets his match when a well intentioned and seemingly disaster proof male nanny proves harder to get rid of than any he has had before.
Writer: David Berenbaum
Agent: William Morris Agency
Buyer: Paramount Pictures
Price: n/a
Genre: Comedy
Logged: 1/22/04
More: Guy Walks Into a Bar’s Jon Berg and Todd Komarnicki will produce. Kira Goldberg will co-produce.
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One reply on “Catamite Aphrodite?”

i just saw men in black 2 last night (it was free at the library!) anyway jackson was in it. really weird. not to mention the movie had a strange blend of dumbass comedy (dog: you have kids; you want any? grrrr) and really really simpson-y humor (ie the dramatic recreation of the landing ship, and the just-a-little-bit-extra-pause that is a landmark simpsons shtick)

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