Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Weed

artgarfunkel.jpgArt Garfunkel arrested on marijuana charge

HURLEY, N.Y.—Art Garfunkel, part of the folk music duo Simon and Garfunkel, was charged with marijuana possession after police pulled his limousine over for speeding in upstate New York.
Garfunkel, 62, had a small amount of marijuana in his jacket pocket when a state trooper stopped the limo Saturday afternoon in Hurley, 55 miles southwest of Albany, the Daily Freeman of Kingston reported.
The trooper smelled marijuana after approaching the vehicle, in which Garfunkel was the lone passenger.

He was just smoking back-up for Paul Simon.
None of this would’ve happened had he just forsaken that damn limo and kept on walking .
Related: No one ever mentions that Art Garfunkel did some pretty good acting work. He was great in Carnal Knowledge as the winsome Sandy against Jack Nicholson‘s fulsome John and he was decent as Nately in Catch-22.

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