Vote Y-E-S for V-I-N!

A happy (campaign) trail for Vincent Gallo?
And now, that other endearingly nasty compassionate conservative offers his State of the Union address:
“I want to thank you guys for inviting me here today. It’s a big honor… In my whole life, no one’s ever invited me or included me in any Republican event. As a matter of fact, I used to go to the Rush Limbaugh show with my best friend Johnny Ramone and a couple of other friends, and Rush never … acknowledged us. So I’m thrilled to be here.
“There’s a picture of me at 6 years old campaigning for Richard Nixon. I’ve always been the same. Always. I was against hippies… I’ve been on 125 magazine covers worldwide during my career—which is a lot for an unknown person who doesn’t have a career—and I’ve written about 200 articles in all kinds of magazines, and I’d like to let you know that there is media bias in an extreme way against the Republican Party…I would like to end my speech today by just saying, in terms of Europe, you know the United States has a great President—a, very, very great President—when the French hate him!”
Vincent Gallo, model/ actor/director/musician/
From The New York Observer, G.O.P. Gallo, by Lizzy Ratner
Read the whole story for the painful story of how liberal bias (and that commie-Calvinist Paul Schrader!) prevented Buffalo ’66 from winning anything at Sundance and for this little gem: “the Republican Party needs hipsters. If it wants to broaden its base, it needs hipsters.”
Yes, but they’ll settle for Vincent Gallo.

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i think it’s a mistake to even pause to deride brown bunny boy, it only feeds his narcissism. i thought his type had gone the way of the dodo.

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