Satirical Shallow

Coming Soon to a Theater Near Iowa

“The Love Story of 2004!” -CNN
“Almost as hot as Howard Dean!” -Ain’t it Cool News

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I think we can get a three picture deal from Paramount. Think: sequels. It’ll be Jungle Fever meets Primary Colors with Harrison Ford and Oprah. The women will love it and the guys never fail to come around for Harrison. We can’t miss.

the focus groups results all leaned towards the notion that dean’s grimace tends to scare off the ladies, so the producers went with the tall oblong-faced warrior instead.
did you see young john shirtless in last month’s atlantic cover story?
sexy killing machine!

I didn’t see the shirtless shot, but I did see a picture of him in a wetsuit on the wall of a diner in Millbrae, CA. Seems he went windsurfing with the owner a few times. I really want to like this guy, but i can’t make myself.

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