Art Attack

If you thought that The Boondocks‘ Aaron McGruder was overly hostile towards Condoleeza Rice, you better not click over to the LA Weekly‘s annual Comics Issue. If you do, you can see art provocateur Robbie Conal‘s aggressively unflattering portrait of our nation’s National Security Advisor.
I should say that as unpleasant as the reproduction above is, it doesn’t do justice to the image on the LA Weekly‘s site, which comes equipped with a plug-in that lets you zoom in—way in—and see every detail.
You may have total recall of an earlier Conal piece reproduced on low culture in October. Somehow that one seems a lot less grotesque than this most recent one. Maybe that’s because in most viewers’ eyes, the earlier subject is already pretty repelant, whereas Rice is, at least aesthetically, quite appealing. Somehow I doubt this picture will be going into her scrapbook.