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I’ve decided that my blog-related New Year’s resolution for 2004 is to pander a lot. You wanna see it? I’ll do my best to write about it.
So, I’m getting a jump start by appeasing the person—or persons—who continually (think: weekly) types Rich Girls “star” Jaime Gleicher‘s name through our search field. We’ve never written about Rich Girls, so that search always came up blank. Well, anonymous Jaime fan, Happy New Year!
Rich Girls ended its first season last night on MTV. Much critical ink has been spilled about the show, but to my knowledge, no one has yet to compare it to Silver Spoons, the NBC sitcom that ran from 1982 to 1986. In addition to showcasing the comedic talents of Ricky Shroder, the dance skills of Alfonso Ribiero, and the unclassifiable brilliance of one Corky Pigeon, Spoons also gave its viewers TV’s most realistic glimpse into the lives of the young and impossibly wealthy. Make that TV’s formerly most realistic glimpse.
Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Rich Girls and Silver Spoons: any similarities to actual rich persons or events is purely coincidental.

Rich Girls Silver Spoons
“Potty Foul” Meet Ally and Jaime, a couple of New York “rich girls,” one of whom is hoping to lose her virginity on prom night just like her mother. She fails. Pilot Meet Edward Stratton III and his son Ricky, “A couple of Silver Spoons/ Hopin’ to find, we’re two of a kind/ Making a go, making it grow/ Together.”
“Michael the Putz” Ally’s dad, Tommy, donates money to charity as a graduation present for her. “The Best Christmas Ever” Edward and Ricky give gifts to a poor family (guest star Joey Lawrence) living in a cave.
“Clothing for the Common”: Ally’s dad, Tommy, buys a Ferrari to compete with Ralph Lauren. “Uneasy Rider”: Ricky tricks his mom into buying him a motor bike against his father’s wishes.
“Tears for Midge”: Jaime and her family worry about the health of her brother’s bulldog, Midge, who’s been throwing up and weak. “I’m Just Wild About Harry”: Ricky and his friend Derek (Jason Bateman) find a lost orangutan and Ricky tries to keep him.
“Culinary Meltdown”: Ally attempts to make a “Mexican meal.” “Junior Businessman”: Ricky attempts to run an ice cream parlor for a week.
“The Wheels on the Bus”: Jaime prepares for her first year of college. “Survival of the Fittest”: Ricky starts his first day of high school.

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I enjoyed that rather well, so I guess that “everyone” isn’t really everyone now are you you lying bastard!

uhhhh, yeah, everyone knows how pathetic and surprisingly stupid rich people are. spare us from being annoyed by them anymore by reminding this to us. ’cause though we may have more smarts than these people…..specially the rich girls (Ally, I’m sure that the marines and navy had nothing to do with inventing cargo pants, that was all your dad…..and Jamie, Benjamin Franklon discovered electricity, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb you fucking retard) we still feel far less superior to them because they could buy our souls with the money they have

Top-notch comparison! Now, if next season the two-headed Jaime/Ally beast ride around their digs in a big toy train, we’ll know from whence it came.
On a side note, Alfonso Ribeiro handed me my McGriddle at the drive-thru window last Wednesday…

Speaking of “fucking retards” (“Jamie, Benjamin Franklon discovered electricity, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb you fucking retard”), Franklin didn’t “discover electricity,” he discovered that lightning is electricity. Pride precedes a fall.

Funniest thing was when ally pondered how she might be a reincarnated version of Mohammed ali… assuming so because they have the same birthday. Someone should explain to her that he aint dead yet.

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