New Kosher words

hotdog.gifPiggybacking on Gawker‘s list of words for the New York Media Elite to drop from their vocabularies in 2004 (‘Memo from Gawker’s Ombudsman’), I’d like to add the following:
Henceforth, the term schadenfreude is to be replaced with sauerkraut, which, in addition to being easier to spell, means just about the same thing.
Irony is to be replaced with relish, which is a less ubiquitous word by far.
Similarly, Ubiquitous is to be replaced with mustard, for obvious reasons.
And finally, twee is to be replaced with katsup while erstwhile is to be replaced with ketchup.
We thank you in advance for your understanding and compliance.

One reply on “New Kosher words”

Tipping point. That’s been overused lately. Didn’t Safire talk about that one? If he wrote about it, it’s officially played.
Erstwhile needs to take a flying leap.
And, of course, I still hold out hope that one music/arts review can go start to finish without the word disparate.

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