Oh, those amazing animals!

“He was just caught like a rat.” —Major General Odierno
“[D]uring the search a spider hole was detected…”—General Sanchez
“[F]or operational purposes these locations were identified as Wolverine 1 and Wolverine 2.”—ibid.
“Breakthrough Capped a Renewed Effort to Ferret Out Leads”—New York Times sub-head.
“[O]ne council member said was filled with ‘rats and mice‘…” —Ian Fisher
“On Saturday night, I stuffed myself on lamb chops and potato pancakes at a holiday party at the home of Don and Joyce Rumsfeld.”—William Safire
“[I]f the pot broke or cracked, the guerrilla could be attacked by poisonous spiders or snakes…”—ibid.
Sidebar: I think I know someone who’s happy about all these critters in the news today.

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