Tracy, Tracy, Tracy

tracy.jpgIt’s no secret that Tracy Morgan is something of a folk hero around here at low culture. It may be too much to ask that Morgan be awarded the The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for Humor, but I guess he is still at the start of his career, right? Maybe we can somehow get today declared National Tracy Morgan Day? Or is that overkill?
His show premieres tonight at 8PM EST on NBC. I know I’ll be watching.
Good luck, Tracy. And don’t forget us when you’re a superstar.
Sidebar: What’s with the logo NBC is using for this show? Kind of a bit Brady Bunch for my taste.

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tracy morgan is about as funny as that comedian the onion invited to ‘say something funny’ this week. give me a fucking break — terrible, terrible skits that are ‘ironically’ racist and just plain stupid, each one along the lines of a “mini-sitcom” (get it? ha ha ha!) with a really funny opening song and closing song, the sum of which occupy half the sketch anyway.
at any rate, i don’t know if you were being ironic by posting him. fuck you guys. i love you.

He was pretty funny as Hustleman, but I lost a lot of respect for him a couple of years ago at a Wu-Tang somebody concert. They handed him the mic and asked him to say something funny and he looked like bambi facing down an SUV on a dark highway. It was pretty sad.

I agree with the other posts– not a funny guy, perhaps because the SNL writers are unfunny hacks. And yeah, it’s really disturbing the way the only black characters in their skits are pimps, addicts, rappers, maids, or hoochie mamas….
The show to watch tonight is on at 8:30 on the network of Evil.

I’m not gonna defend Tracy’s comedic gifts, because I’m on record as being an unabashed unironic admirer of his work on SNL and elsewhere. But, point of information: Tracy has played an astronaut, the host of Animal Planet-type show, a lawyer, and other non-pimps, addicts, rappers, etc.

Yeah, I was disappointed by it, too. The show was so generically sit-commish; all of Tracy’s talents were wasted. He’ll find his niche someday and then all of those spiteful individuals who doubt him will see! Until then, I guess we have to make due with The Tracy Morgan Show.

matt, yer site is usually dead on, but i’m afraid i can’t bite at this “unironic love” for tracy morgan — i feel like you have a case of battered wife syndrome: maybe, just maybe, you think to yourself, if only tracy morgan had good writers, or a good forum, or a good whatever, then he would be good — then he would shine and not bruise the viewers with his painfully unfunny “comedy”.
it’s ok matt, it’s ok. he won’t hurt you any-more.

Tracy Morgan SUCKS! and his show SUCKS! and it’ll be off the air in 4 episodes. you heard it here first.

as a general rule, shows named after their star are subpar. “The Dick Van Dyke Show” was the rare exception.

tracy Morgan sucks dick. His characters on SNL werent even funny. Brian Fellows was the worst! he sucks and he’s ugly Bronx trash!

Tracy Morgan… as a comedian… is HILARIOUS….So fuck u punks for sayin’ he sucks. But, the show on the other hand…. isn’t quite up to par…. So.. fuck off with ur terrible opinions. You are the guys who prolly think “Family Guy” is funny… HAha… Bastards.

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