Offending Upwards

Gregg Easterbook has found a new home for his football blog: Good thing, too, since it’s been a few minutes since anyone mentioned his dumb ass. Too bad Radosh is so busy changing diapers, ’cause I’m sure he has what to say on this matter.
Good luck, Gregg: I’m sure you’ll fuck this gig up, too.
Earlier thoughts on Gregg Easterbrook from low culture: What Easterbrook Could Learn from Rousseau
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3 replies on “Offending Upwards”

Hey, no need to snipe at Easterbrook. The man’s contrite. The man’s suffered for his sin. It’s like he’s a celebrity screw up like Paris. It’s the culture that’s low. No need for you to be too, Matt.

Can I just say, Stephen, that your response is the best disagreement with a post I’ve read on our site? I still think Easterbrook is a putz, but your polite, succinct post showed that not only did you read and understand the entry, you managed to disagree without calling me any names, cursing, or coming off like a complete idiot. Seriously: thanks, Stephen, for demonstrating how to disagree without foaming at the mouth.
I just hope our other regular posters take note. (And, yes, I’m being completely serious.)
In other news, I still think Easterbrook is a putz.

thanks. btw, your site is for me second only to grouphug in the realm of absolute must-read, why isn’t he posting more frequently, sooner or later i’ve got to do some work, surely there’s something new about paris he can report on?

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